Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Marie Raffin headshot

Marie Raffin - Chair of the Board of Directors

Marie joined WSP as an associate in August 2022. She has over 10 years’ experience in potable and wastewater research and innovation spanning from technology assessment to business alignment with the governance and regulation of the water industry. Prior to joining WSP, working for Thames Water, Marie managed multiple projects in the water reuse, potable and wastewater areas including, but not limited to, implementation of R&D solution from ideation to BAU operation, process optimisation, assessment of water treatment plant condition and process operation. Marie assessed the feasibility of water reuse for potable and non-potable applications for the Thames Water region through the WRMP14 to WRMP24 cycles, where she focused on assessing and selecting appropriate technologies, and understanding how they are influenced by governance, regulation, risk mitigation and public perception. She also led the development and the delivery of the environmental monitoring programme for the Thames Water strategic resource options. Marie is the current Chair of Water Reuse Europe’s board of directors.

Alfieri Pollice headshot

Alfieri Pollice - Director

Alfieri Pollice is Chief Research Scientist at the Water Research Institute of the National Research Council of Italy (IRSA CNR). Over the past 20 years he has done extensive research and innovation work on biological wastewater treatments and his current activities focus on the application of surface filtration processes to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse. He also has a specific interest in non-conventional monitoring approaches to water quality and institutional settings and organisation of water reuse services.

Inge Genné - Director

Inge Genné is Programme Manager Water at The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). After a research career as a membrane technology expert, she kicked-off the industrial water management team at VITO, focusing on the implementation of water efficiency and reuse strategies. In 2016, the team merged with the environmental modelling unit specialised in decision support tools and services. Now she is the driving force behind the expansion of VITO’s market driven research & innovation under the umbrella of the WaterClimateHub.

Miquel Rovira Boixaderas - Director

Miquel Rovira is Director of Sustainability at Technological Centre of Catalonia (Eurecat), Spain. He has focused his entire professional career on applied research and innovation oriented to circular economy in order to contribute to the competitiveness of different industrial sectors. Miquel has experience on the application of environmental technology and risk assessment to water reuse, secondary raw materials as well as soil and groundwater remediation.

Emmanuel van Houtte headshot

Emmanuel van Houtte - Director

Emmanuel van Houtte is a Geologist at Aquaduin (previously known as the Intermunicipal Water Company of the Veurne Region - IWVA). He has extensive experience of technologies for water reuse and more specifically ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Emmanuel has developed a sustainable groundwater management system, resulting in the development of a project for artificial recharge of the unconfined dune aquifer of St-André. Because no other water sources were available for year-round aquifer recharge, the IWVA decided to use reclaimed water from the Torreele facility for the production of infiltration water. The Torreele reuse/ St-André infiltration project is operational since July 2002.

Kristell Le Corre Pidou headshot

Kristell Le Corre Pidou, Secretary

Kristell Le Corre Pidou is the secretary for Water Reuse Europe and a Research Fellow at Cranfield University. Her research activities focus on resources recovery with a specific reference to water recycling and reuse. In recent years, she worked in the UK on a variety of EU funded research projects on water reclamation, with the latest one, Demoware, leading to the establishment of Water Reuse Europe. She has also been involved in projects on managed aquifer recharge, water governance, nutrient removal and recovery in France, Australia and the UK.