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Water Reuse Europe Activities

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WRE 2020 Webinar

On the 5th of June, the Official Journal of the European Commission published the first European Regulation on Water Reuse (Regulation (EU) 2020/741) on minimum requirements for water reuse. A few months after its implementation, Water Reuse Europe is organising a webinar to gauge the impact of this new legislative tool on agriculture from end-users’ perspectives.

WRE Award 2019

Congratulations to the Mörbylånga Drinking Water Treatment Plant who won the Water Reuse Europe Innovation Prize 2019! Congratulations also to our two other finalists Hydraloop and FGWRS for their innovative greywater recycling solutions!

Knowledge Exchange Event 2019

Water Reuse Europe hosted its first knowledge exchange event in Lille (France) on Monday 21st October 2019. Forty delegates from 13 countries in Europe attended the event. Coming from various backgrounds including Universities/Research centres (9); Utilities (18); Private companies, solutions providers, SMEs (9), Associations (3) and municipalities (1), the participants had the opportunity to advance their awareness of leading-edge research around water reuse and resource recovery in Europe through presentations from 11 EU funded projects.

wre review 2018 cover

Water Reuse Europe Review 2018

Water Reuse Europe is very pleased to offer free access to its latest review of the water reuse sector in Europe. The review paints a picture of the current status of the water reuse sector in Europe, illustrating its growth over the past decade, its strengths and potential.

water reuse award winner 2017

WRE Award 2017

The Water Reuse Europe “Most Innovative Water Reuse Scheme in Europe 2017" winner was announced as Aquabio Ltd for their water reuse solution at Bakkavor’s Cucina Sano site in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. The installation, which became fully operative in December 2016, enables more than 80% of water used to be safely recycled. technical visits including to the world renowned Torreele Water Reclamation Scheme for indirect potable reuse.

bruges old building with clock tower

WRE Conference and Exhibition on Innovations in Water Reuse 2017

WRE’s First Conference and Exhibition took place in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Bruges. Designated as a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its medieval heritage, the “Little Venice of the North” was the perfect location to bring together companies and organisations active in the water reuse sector for a two day event packed with presentations from prestigious speakers, discussions, and technical visits including to the world renowned Torreele Water Reclamation Scheme for indirect potable reuse.