Water Reuse Europe Review 2018

Water Reuse Europe Review 2018

We are very pleased to offer access to our latest review of the water reuse sector in Europe

The review paints a picture of the current status of the water reuse sector in Europe, illustrating its growth over the past decade, its strengths and potential. It compiles information on the existing EU regulatory environment and the water reuse technologies of choice across the continent. Three European success stories are presented that demonstrate how stakeholder collaboration, right through from planning to the successful operation of a scheme, can aid the development and implementation of innovative reuse solutions to combat water scarcity. Finally, the future prospects for the water reuse sector in Europe are discussed, with opportunities for sector growth and the changes needed to further advance the sector identified.

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Water Reuse Europe Review 2018

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ISBN: 978-1-5272-2364-6
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