ADECAGUA’s Online Technical Conference on new EU regulations

ADECAGUA’s Online Technical Conference on new EU regulations

19th August 2020 news 0
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In July 2020, ADECAGUA’s Online Technical Conference on the European Regulation for the Reuse of Water for Agricultural Use was broadcast by iAgua. The event gave a platform for discussion of views on the new water reuse regulations. The event featured senior representatives from European, national and regional Public Administrations, user associations and companies responsible for the construction and operation of water purification and regeneration plants.

The event was closed by Antonio Yañez, president of the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation, who concluded the day by providing the vision from the Basin Organization: “From the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation we see this situation as an opportunity to promote reuse again in the field. of our Hydrographic Demarcation ”and pointed out that since 1998 promoting the use of reclaimed water:“ The Tagus Hydrographic Confederation was a pioneer at the national level given that it established a regulatory framework prior to the 2007 decree through the 1998 Basin Hydrological Plan”.

Find out more (page in Spanish).

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