Aquafin Launches New Digital Platform – AuqaMarkt

Aquafin Launches New Digital Platform – AuqaMarkt

1st May 2024 news 0


Aquafin, the water treatment company based in Flanders, has launched a new digital platform known as AquaMarkt. The platform will be used to keep track of all the valuable by-products from wastewater purification processes and ensure they are used as much as possible.

AquaMarkt will act a bridge between resource providers and the market and is part of the implementation plan of the Blue Deal decree of the Flemish government. The platform is targeted at various parties interested in purchasing the by-products such as heat and wastewater effluent.

Speaking about the platform, Marjolein Weemaes, Director of Business Development & Innovation at Aquafin said, ‘It is a shame not to make full use of this valuable offer. AquaMarkt brings these so-called common goods together on one digital platform and thus stimulates the reuse and circularity of water in Flanders’.

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