Benefits and Challenges of Treated Wastewater for Agriculture

Benefits and Challenges of Treated Wastewater for Agriculture

10th July 2024 news 0


Ensuring water and food security across the globe requires effective water resource management.

In this review, published in Nature, the authors explore the advantages and challenges pertaining to the reuse of treated wastewater (TW) for irrigation. It is estimated that out of the 400 km3 yr−1 of wastewater generated globally, less than 20% is treated and only 2–15% is reused for irrigation, the figures varying according to region.

One of the biggest reasons for the ineffectual use of TW for agriculture is because existing wastewater technologies cannot completely remove all micropollutants and contaminants from the water which could in turn adversely affect the crops, environment and public health. However, new innovative technologies and reuse schemes, can be a stable source of water supply for agricultural production, as demonstrated in the USA and Israel. The reuse of TW could also contribute to a circular economy and sustainable development.

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