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The Rur’Eaux Platform

RUR’EAUX: An innovative demonstration platform for rural water reclamation and reuse (France) In France, 80% of the collective domestic wastewater treatment plants have a capacity below 2,000 population equivalents (p.e.), thus representing 30 to 40% of the total volume of treated wastewater. Most of those plants are in rural areas, in the vicinity of cultivated fields…
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15th May 2019 0

SuWaNu: Sustainable Water treatment and Agricultural reuse options in Europe

In recent years a growing concern has been expressed throughout the EU regarding water scarcity and the significant impacts on water resources by agricultural activities. Overabstraction of water from surface and groundwater bodies is a significant pressure in some areas of Europe and may be driven by wider problems of scarce water resources and increased…
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21st March 2019 0

Jourdain: an experimental demonstrator for an IPR solution in Vendée (France)

Vendée Eau is the French public body in charge of the production and distribution of drinking water for 650 000 inhabitants on the west coast of France. As a result of climate change and demographic pressure, there is an ever-increasing risk of water scarcity in the region in the future and so Vendée Eau is committed…
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20th November 2018 0