6th IWA International Conference on Eco-Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

Palau de Congressos de Girona Girona, Spain

  The 6th IWA International Conference on eco-Technologies for Wastewater Treatment will be be held from 26 to 29 June 2023 in Girona. Hosted by LEQUIA (The Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the University of Girona)  and ICRA (Catalan Institute for Water Research), ecoSTP-23 will discuss the latest cutting-edge eco-technologies for a sustainable transition in wastewater…
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Water Reuse Europe | Water Europe Joint Webinar on Agricultural water reuse in Europe: status, challenges and opportunities for further growth

  According to the latest report from the JRC Global Drought Observatory on Drought in Europe released in March 2023*, the impact of dry conditions on water resources availability this winter are already emerging in wide areas of western and north-western Europe and several smaller areas in southern Europe. In certain countries such as France,…
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10th Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control (WETPOL) International Conference

Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre Bruges, Belgium

  The international conference on Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control -  WETPOL - will have its 10th edition from 10-14 September 2023 in the beautiful medieval city of Bruges, Belgium. WETPOL is a biannual international conference bringing together wetland scientists, engineers and practitioners working on wetland ecosystem services, including water quality improvement, climate regulation, and…
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Retaste 2023 Conference– Rethink food resources, losses, and waste

Harokopio University of Athens Athens, Greece

  The Retaste 2023 conference will take place from the 27th to the 29th September 2023, in Athens, Greece. The event will be organised as an hybrid event, allowing participants either to travel to Athens or stay home. Organised by The Hellenic Mediterranean University and Harokopio University, Athens, Greece,  this is the 3rd Retaste Conference.…
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Water Reuse Europe Knowledge Exchange Day 2023

  The second edition of our Knowledge Exchange Day will take place on the 20th October 2023, in Brussels,Belgium. The aim of this event to showcase the outcomes of EC funded water reuse projects and provide a knowledge transfer opportunity for consortia that are currently working on EU H2020 funded projects through a joint event involving WRE members and non-WRE…
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