IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition: Shaping Our Water Future

Toronto , Canada

  This event brings together experts and stakeholders from the water sector and beyond including representatives from industry, agriculture, architects and urban planners, soil and groundwater experts and hydrologists, social scientists, the ICT and financial sectors, and others. Learn more about the North-Atlantic water issues along with technical visits and register here.


Montpellier Montpellier, France

  This conference aims to share experiences and viewpoints of the different stakeholders in Water Reuse in the Mediterranean and Europe, sharing success stories and reflecting on failures, different approaches linked to the design, operationalisation and evaluation of reuse projects. It will bring together researchers, water professionals, policy-makers and experts on wastewater reuse. Register here.


Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates

  Hosted by the Department of Energy Abu Dhabi and supported by key government stakeholders, this conference provides an opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking with experts to address water scarcity. The conference will focus on various technical as well as business topics around desalination and water reuse solutions. Register here:

14th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse

Cape Town, South Africa , South Africa

  This conference focuses on overcoming barriers for reuse of water during a time when the need to manage the security of our water supplies is paramount. Water reuse was always an important component of our future water security but the ever emerging consequences of climate related impacts and their frequency, the rate of urbanisation…
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