Flow loop Sustainable showers – Water Reuse Europe Finalist 2021

Flow loop Sustainable showers – Water Reuse Europe Finalist 2021

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Flow Loop turns existing showers instantly sustainable.

Flow Loop, a Danish start up, has developed an innovative recycling shower that saves up to 85% water and 75% energy. The shower solution can be retrofit installed in existing bathrooms in 1-2 hours and installation does not require any construction work. Importantly, the high water and energy savings does not compromise the shower experience. Flow Loop showers deliver a rainshower experience with 12 liters of purified water pr. minute.

Showers account for up to 40% of water consumption in the home. In several industries, such as the hotel industry, these percentages are even higher. Simultaneously, utility costs are on the rise, and both consumers and businesses are looking for intelligent solutions to preserve water and reduce costs.

Flow Loop’s recycling shower solution enables the transition from water waste to water reuse in the shower. To accelerate the transition, and ensure broad adoption of the technology, Flow Loop has focused on removing barriers of installation and improving the shower experience. “We know that people want to shower sustainably, but we need to make it possible by being easy to install, affordable and by delivering a better and trusted shower experience”, says Troels Grene.

The Flow Loop shower system is a complete shower solution. An elegant shower panel hides the recirculation and purification technology. Recycled water is filtered and UV treated, before it is recycled, and the person showering is in complete control of when recirculation is activated or deactivated during the shower.

Illustation of the Shower loop preliminary design and its treatment components (source: www.flow-loop.com)

“We believe that recycling showers will transform the shower systems industry. In the future, legislation and regulation will require showers to reuse water instead of letting it go to waste to address water scarcity”, says Troels Grene, CEO of Flow Loop.

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