Industries in EU Finally Profit from Wastewater Materials

Industries in EU Finally Profit from Wastewater Materials

21st March 2024 news 0


Industries across the European Union region are making use of wastewater effluent and other materials. Wastewater from the Mahou San Miguel brewery in the Spanish city of Lleida was disposed for decades but now the effluent is being used to power and heat up the brewery. A chemical unit in France is looking to see whether chemicals and metals such as sulphur can be recovered from water used to wash gases generated by the incineration of waste.

The energy from wastewater in the form of biomass or heat can be recovered along with other economically viable and the extraction is being done as part of the EU-sponsored project ULTIMATE, coordinated by KWR, a Dutch water-research institute. The project focuses on establishing pilot plants in the food and beverage, petrochemical and biotechnology industries to gauge the feasibility of laboratory-developed technologies for extracting materials from wastewater.

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