Inter IKEA Group invests millions in Danish greentech start-up

Inter IKEA Group invests millions in Danish greentech start-up

4th November 2022 feature newsletter 0


Flow Loop, which has developed a pioneering and highly resource-saving recirculating shower technology, has closed a series A round for a double-digit million amount with Inter IKEA Group as an investor.

Since 2020, IKEA and Flow Loop have collaborated on the further development of Flow Loop’s recirculating shower. The technology cleans and saves up to 80 percent water and 70 percent energy. The new investment makes it possible to further develop the technology for global implementation.

“We are very proud and happy that Inter IKEA Group has chosen to invest in Flow Loop. This investment makes it possible to jointly further develop the technology and establish the product category so that recirculating showers can be installed in all bathrooms around the globe. The large and necessary focus on water shortages, rising energy prices and circular economy results in enormous growth potential for Flow Loop. Our ambition is for Flow Loop to become an integral part of the shower systems of the future, because the technology can ensure enormous savings in both water and energy. IKEA is a crucial partner for us to realize the potential and globally implement Flow Loop,” says Troels Grene, CEO, Flow Loop.


The technology saves up to 80% of water on every single shower and 70% energy compared to a bath without recycling. A Flow Loop shower provides a “rain shower” experience, but where you would normally use 12 liters of water per minute, the Flow Loop recycles the ten liters of water and only uses 2 liters of new water per minute. The shower system can be installed in existing bathrooms without the need for rebuilding.

IKEA’s support and investment make it possible to accelerate the ambitions, and Flow Loop expects to double the number of employees in the coming year to deliver on the development plans.

“IKEA has both a responsibility and an opportunity to ensure a more efficient and sustainable use of water. The collaboration and investment in Flow Loop is therefore important to IKEA. The investment supports our focus on developing and offering innovative solutions that reduce water consumption in the home”, says Robert Carleke, Innovation Ventures Manager at IKEA of Sweden. “Flow Loop is an innovative company and their recirculating shower system and technology will positively affect both society and the environment. We are very much looking forward to the collaboration and the further development, so that everyone can afford to bathe sustainably in the future.”

The first energy and water-saving showers from Flow Loop has been launched in Denmark during this summer. IKEA’s future recirculation shower is still in development.

“The next few years will be hugely exciting. We must realize our first sale in Denmark, and of course further develop the product, and from there raise capital to realize our global potential. This will make a huge difference to the global consumption of water and energy. If all the daily showers in Denmark were taken under a Flow Loop shower, we would save as much water in round numbers as there is in 179 Olympic swimming pools (2.5 million l of water/pool). Every day – only in Denmark. Our recirculating bath really makes a difference to the environment by reducing both water and energy consumption,” says Troels Grene.

Press Release by

Bettina Sherain
Partner & Commercial Director
Flow Loop


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