Ireland needs to adopt water reuse, say experts

Ireland needs to adopt water reuse, say experts

5th August 2019 news 0
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Ireland, and more specifically Dublin, are becoming increasingly water stressed. Dublin’s fast growing population combined with climate change are putting increasing pressure on the city’s water resources. In that context, many experts agree that water reuse must be included as a way of balancing water supply and demand. Director of the DCU Water Institute, Prof Fiona Regan, says Ireland has yet to embrace the concept of “responsible water stewardship”, embracing conservation, reuse and recycling. She emphasises the need to manage the resource rather than just patching up the current water supply system, as fixing leaks alone will not resolve the issue. She also points out the wastefulness of using drinking water to wash cars and water lawns, and how grey water reuse needs to be brought into the discussion.

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