Italy Must to Ensure Water Security in a Changing Climate

Italy Must to Ensure Water Security in a Changing Climate

26th February 2024 news 0


Italy has been facing numerous challenges with its water management infrastructure as most of the existing ones are decades old and poorly maintained. About 60% of the infrastructure is more than 30 years old while 25% is over 50 years old. This lack of investment in water infrastructure, a result of divisions across the industry in the country, has stifled the industry and reduced the potential to utilise modern technology and latest developments.

Italy is facing the demand for comprehensive water management strategies as over 3.5 billion people are expected to live in water scarce areas by 2025. The region can be made more water secure through the reuse of water. Currently only 4% of wastewater is reused in Italy with a potential of reusing 23%. Stormwater is another untapped potential with only 11% collected compared to 35% achievable. Water basins and reservoirs are existing fundamental assets, that act as a backup to the system, by storing and regulating water for irrigation.

Water operators play a crucial role here as they can drive industrial solutions to utilise the resource efficiently by ensuring its availability and quality, and understanding local needs and supporting innovative solutions for circular use.

The government must also incentivise the reuse of treated wastewater, establishing competitive tariffs within a regulatory framework. They must also invest in upgrading existing infrastructure that would make them more water secure.

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