Kervalis Armor opts for intelligent wastewater recycling

Kervalis Armor opts for intelligent wastewater recycling

3rd September 2020 news 0
Kervalis dog food

The Kervalis Armor site in Trémorel, France, has installed a water reuse system to ensure outputs whilst lowering environmental impacts.

Kervalis Armor, a subsidiary of the SARIA group, specialises in the processing and valuation of animal by-products. In particular, it produces processed animal proteins for pet food.

The SARIA group has a circular economy logic, and this project was based on reducing environmental impact and guaranteeing sustainability and growth of activity. Increases in production were leading to higher discharge volumes, so water recycling seemed like a logical next step. The aim is to reuse up to 50% of the overall consumption volumes.

The system installed is a complete filtration system from BWT France, processing the water to be reused in industrial processes. The system has been operating for 18 months, and is capable of processing nearly 15,000m3 per year.

Find out more here (in French).

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