KWR Activities

KWR Activities

12th September 2019 member activity 0

KWR is the Dutch research institute that undertakes applied scientific research in relation to the water cycle. Bridging science to practice is KWR’s mission. KWR develops and unlocks relevant knowledge about the water cycle: from water systems to water technology, (clean) water quality, and governance processes. KWR’s shareholders consist of the 10 Dutch drinking water companies and one Flemish drinking water company.

KWR places the drive for a circular economy at the centre of many new initiatives: efficiently dealing with energy, raw materials and water itself. To support responsible water reuse, KWR has expert knowledge on water availability and resource management (subsurface water storage and reuse in agriculture or industry), water quality (health & safety and water treatment technologies) and governance (legislation & regulations and stakeholder participation & public acceptance).

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