Membership Renewal – Aquafin

Membership Renewal – Aquafin

11th May 2022 Membership Renewal news 0


Many thanks to Aquafin for renewing their membership to Water Reuse Europe.

Covering 85% of Flemish households, Aquafin (Belgium) treats the wastewater of 5 million people in order to secure clean watercourses for generations to come. With a good overview of changing urban and rural needs, Aquafin actively manages a network of 6,727 kms of sewers. Mechanical and biological treatment at some 320 treatment plants ensure the water is clean enough to be discharged into a watercourse.

To face the challenge of a society on the move and the onset of climate change, Aquafin has grown into a centre of expertise and research in the fields of water treatment and sewer management. We are an active and highly regarded partner for national and international research. New technologies are regularly tested on both pilot and full scale.

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