Membership Renewal – FARYS

Membership Renewal – FARYS

25th January 2024 Membership Renewal news 0


Many thanks to FARYS for renewing their membership with Water Reuse Europe.

FARYS, a water utility, has played an important public role in distributing drinking water since 1923 Imageto more than 1.4 million people, other utilities and the industry in Flanders, Belgium. Annually, more than 80 Imagemillion m3 of drinking water is provided by FARYS,throughout a network of >670 km high pressure piping, reservoirs, water towers, pumping stations and >11.700 km smaller low pressure piping. In addition, FARYS is partially responsible for the sewerage in Flanders and provides industrial process water tailored to the customer’s need.

FARYS also supports sustainable water treatment and well-considered (re)use in the circular economy. The company participates in wastewater reuse projects and the development of climate-resilient solutions to secure drinking water supply in the future.

We look forward to working with you for another year!

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