Membership Renewal – Muharraq Wastewater Services Co.

Membership Renewal – Muharraq Wastewater Services Co.

4th October 2023 news 0


Many thanks to Muharraq Wastewater Services Co. (Kingdom of Bahrain) for renewing their membership with Water Reuse Europe.

Originally owned by Samsung Engineering and United Utilities, Muharraq Wastewater Services is now owned solely by Samsung Engineering.

The Muharraq Sewerage Scheme comprises:

  • 5 km short connecting sewers connected to the government sewerage network
  • 16 km deep gravity sewer (1.8m dia) connecting the above to the sewage treatment plant
  • A sewage treatment plant of 100,000 m3/day where effluent undergoing primary, secondary (BNR) and tertiary treatment are treated to produce water meeting WHO irrigation water standards for unrestricted irrigation for the Bahrain government
  • Sludge incineration plant (2 of) treating all waste sludge arising from the process with emissions to EU waste incineration directive standards
  • Export of treated sewage (irrigation water) by tanker and pipeline to consumers (government, private sector).

The Muharraq Wastewater Services Co has a staff complement of 60 people with 50% as operations staff (24 hour manning), maintenance, procurement, H&S, finance, HR, laboratory and management. The operating contract runs from 2013 to 2040.


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