New EU Rules for Urban Wastewater Management

New EU Rules for Urban Wastewater Management

30th April 2024 news 0


The EU Parliament adopted new rules for the collection, treatment and discharge of urban wastewater. This comes after the deal reached with the EU Council in January 2024 overhauling EU’s water treatment measures to protect public health.

With the new rules, by 2035, in all urban areas with a population of 1,000 equivalent or more, urban wastewater will undergo secondary treatment before it is discharged into the environment. Tertiary treatment will be implemented in all wastewater treatment plants by 2039 and the removal of all micro-pollutants will be done by 2045.

Monitoring for various viruses and new pathogens, chemical pollutants, microplastics and others will be conducted strictly. EU countries are also now required to extensively promote the reuse of treated wastewater, especially in water-stressed areas to overcome water scarcity.


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