New Member Announcement – Graytec AB

New Member Announcement – Graytec AB

2nd May 2023 news 0


We are pleased to welcome Graytec AB as a new member of Water Reuse Europe.

Graytec AB is a clean technology company dedicated to grow water reuse in residentialand commercialbuildings by separating greywater sources from the rest of the buildings’ wastewater. This way, both the water and the large amounts of energy stored in wastewater can be reused for various purposes. Graytec’s most advanced system can produce clean, bacteriafree water (of higher quality than tap water by Swedish standards) that contains a lot of residual heat and is perfect for recirculating warm water for hygiene purposes. The system has been proven to save up to 60% of both the water used in a building and the energy used to heat that water.

Graytec’s more streamlined system uses the same greywater but with a less advanced process and turns it into water suitable for toilet flushing, irrigation and even laundry. Rooftop rainwater systems and stormwater solutions are also proposed by Graytec AB.

A warm welcome to Graytec AB! We look forward to working with you!

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