New Member – Graytec

New Member – Graytec

3rd March 2020 news 0
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We are delighted to welcome Graytec as a new member of Water Reuse Europe.

Graytec AB is a young Swedish development company with expertise in the treatment of gråvatten (greywater).

Graytecs system is process purification of gray water in multi-dwelling buildings. Collaborations with universities and property companies have shown that its system provides promising results. With a closed-loop, this circular water purification system intakes greywater from bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Then recycles it into warm, potable water before redirecting that purified water back direct reuse as warm potable water or water for other application such as toilett flushing (instead of using drinking-water is common in many industrial countries).

Water savings

We typically use 100-200 liter domestic water per day and person and 0.5-1 MWh per year for producing hot water. The future of real estate development most certainly includes water reuse or reutilization schemes, which will in most cases significantly reduce the water and energy footprint of the building. Preparing for and installing one of our systems for greywater reclamation is a value addition to your property, including

Energy savings

Energy savings for the base recommended installation has been calculated to approximately 0.4MWh per connected user and year, almost cutting energy demand in half. Typically, the energy savings will be greater in temperate or cold climate zones and somewhat lower in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Property value

By preparing the property for greywater reclamation by designing and constructing for source separation of wastewater you are ahead of the curve and prepared for future legislative and regulatory requirements for water reuse. By installing our products for greywater recycling your property will score higher in all green building certification schemes (like LEED, BREEAM and BEAM plus), instantly increasing property value. In fact, installing our system may very well immediately pay for itself through increased property valuation.A sustainable solution that makes it possible for property owners to control the environmental impact of its own waste water. A prerequisite for the introduction of the circular economy.

Enviromental green profile

By spearheading the transition towards the built environment circular water you ensure that your company environmental profile will be strengthened, creating additional value and if you are a property developer this will give you a competitive edge.

NB! The numbers given above serve as illustration of the potential. Actual outcome will depend on overall consumption, use patterns and local conditions.

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