New Member – Università Politecnica delle Marche

New Member – Università Politecnica delle Marche

5th June 2020 news 0


We are delighted to welcome the Università Politecnica delle Marche as a new member of Water Reuse Europe.

The Università Politecnica delle Marche (Marche Polytechnic University, UNIVPM), established in 1971 in Ancona (Italy), has a clear scientific and technological focus and is very active and performant in the European R&D&I. The UNIVPM is currently coordinating three and managing more than 40 Horizon2020 projects, mainly in the area of engineering, with relevant focus on water cycle management in cities and industries, agriculture and life sciences. Three Doctoral Schools (Engineering, Agriculture and Economics) support doctoral students during their research training at the UNIVPM.

The UNIVPM fosters internationalization as one of the top priorities of the university strategic development plan and has several international partners. Within the Mediterranean basin, the UNIVPM has key coordinating roles being the seat of the UniAdrion Secretariat, which is a “Network of Universities” established with the purpose to create a permanent connection among Universities and Research centers from the Adriatic-Ionian Region.

Sustainable water services and management is the core expertise of the Water and Waste Environmental Engineering Lab (WWEELab), that is led by Prof. Francesco Fatone, at the Department of Science and Engineering of Materials, Environmental and Urban Planning (SIMAU). Besides other national and international projects, the WWEELab coordinates the Horizon2020 Innovation Action “SMART-Plant” and has been or is WP leader/partner of: n.6 Horizon2020 projects (“HYDROUSA”, “Digital-Water.City”, “ULTIMATE”, “SEA2LAND”, “INTCATCH”, “ENERWATER”); n.1 PRIMA/Horizon2020 “FIT4REUSE”; n.1 Water JPI “BLOOWATER”; n.1 LIFE+ “BLUE LAKES”; n.1 ENI CBC Med “DECOST”. Moreover, the UNIVPM is a member, as the SMART-Plant Coordinator, of the steering committee of the first signed Innovation Deal concerning water reuse, member of ICT4water cluster and co-leader of the “Value in Water” Cluster of Water Europe platform. Besides several international workshops and conferences, the WWEELab has chaired the 3rd European Nutrient Event in ECOMONDO in 2018 and the 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference in 2019.

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