The Water Reuse Podcast

Listen to the Water Reuse podcast brought to you by the team at Water Reuse Europe.

This occasional series explore the technologies, people, and innovations that are driving the growth in water reuse across Europe.

Find all episodes of the Water Reuse Podcast below:

Episode 5

Inge Genné

Programme Manager Water at VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research), Belgium.

Director of Water Reuse Europe Board of Directors.


Episode 4

Klio Monokrousou

Research Associate at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Greece

Episode 3

Miquel Salgot

Professor of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the University of Barcelona (Spain); Member of the Catalan Royal Academy of Pharmacy, Spain.

Miquel Salgot


Episode 2

Miquel Rovira Boixaderas

Director of Sustainability at Eurecat (Technological Centre of Catalonia), Spain


Episode 1

Jos Frijns

Resilience Management & Governance team leader at KWR, The Netherlands