Water Reuse Europe Second Knowledge Exchange Day

Water Reuse Europe Second Knowledge Exchange Day

Brussels, Belgium | 20 October 2023


Water Reuse Europe (WRE) hosted its second Knowledge Exchange Day in Brussels, Belgium on 20th October 2023. The event welcomed leaders of research projects on water reuse from across the continent, hence providing a great opportunity for participants to catch-up on the leading-edge research that is taking place across the continent. Research topics covered all aspects of water reuse, from agricultural and industrial application to indirect potable reuse.

Following the opening of the event by WRE Director Marie Raffin, we had the pleasure to welcome Valentina Bastino, Policy Officer at the European Commission, for a keynote on the EU policy environment in terms of water reuse, providing an update on the implementation of the new Water Reuse Regulation (EU) 2020/741 and its main provisions, the support provided by the commission towards its implementation and future work. Valentina also covered the Commission proposal for the revision of the Urban Wastewater Treatment directive, as well as the Industrial Emissions Directive, and their potential impact on water reuse.

The remainder of the day featured nine outstanding talks from academics and industrial experts showcasing the fantastic research that is currently ongoing at a EU level, whether performed as part of EU funded schemes such as H2020, Life, Interreg or nationally and privately funded.

This included talks from:

  • Gerard van den Berg, Team Leader and Project Manager, KWR, The Netherlands. On: ULTIMATE promoting water smart industrial symbiosis, and On: Water reuse in cities, agriculture and industry: lessons from three European case studies (Project B-WaterSmart) in place of David Schwesig, Research Co-ordinator, IWW Water Centre, Germany.
  • George Arampatzis, Assoc. Professor, School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Greece. On: AquaSPICE – Advancing Sustainability of Process Industries through Digital and Circular Water Use Innovations.
  • Salvador Perez, CEO, Chemdoc Water, France. On: LIFE – ZEUS : “Zero Liquid Discharge Water ReUSE” food processing plant.
  • Giorgio Mannina, Professor of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Department of Palermo University – Italy. On: Resource recovery from wastewater: insights from the case study of Palermo University within Wider-Uptake project.
  • Elena Zuriaga, R&D Technical Manager, FACSA , Spain. On: LIFE AMIA: Combination of innovative technologies for sustainable water reuse.
  • Jonas Van Eeghem, Co-Head, Drinking Water Quality and Environment, Aquaduin and Thomas Rogier, Biologist, Aquaduin, Belgium. On: Wastewater treatment with willows: a nature-based solution.
  • Heather Smith, Senior Lecturer in Water Governance, Cranfield University, UK. On: Public Perception of Water Recycling for Drinking Water Use – a UK perspective.
  • Caroline Van Steendam, Manager Afvalwater, Azulatis, Belgium. On: Sustainable water solutions inspired by 15 years of practical experience in the decentralized production of drinking water in Flanders.

The event concluded with presentations from our three finalists of the Water Reuse Europe Innovation Prize:

  • Jordi Molist, Director of Water Supply & Antoni Munné, Biologist, PhD in Water Ecology from the Catalan Water Agency Spain for their entry: Indirect potable water reuse in the Llobregat river, Barcelona – Catalan Water Agency, Spain;
  • Myriam Kellou, PhD student in advanced electro-oxidation from Treewater, France for their entry: ELECTROTATE: An eco-innovative process for treating and recycling industrial effluents;
  • and Giorgio Mannina, Professor of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Department of Palermo University, Italy for their entry: Boosting Water Reuse by the demonstration case study of Water Resource Recovery Facility – Palermo University, Italy;

after which Marie Raffin had the pleasure to announce the Catalan Water Agency as the winner of this year edition.

Overall, our Knowledge Exchange Day proved once again to be a great opportunity for showcasing for research leaders to present their findings and discuss their adoption and application to professionals involved in water reuse, but it also provided an exciting opportunity for our participants to advance their awareness of leading edge research in the area as well as sharing knowledge and perspectives on the future of the European water reuse sector!

Thanks to those who joined us in person. We do hope you found the conference valuable and enjoyable and that through this day of networking, you had the opportunity to explore new collaborations and we are looking forward to seeing you involved in new projects in the near future.

We also hope we can meet again in 2024 at our Conference and Exhibition on Innovation in Water Reuse that will take place on the 24 and 25th September in Les Sables D’Olonne France.

Please note that speaker presentations are made available to members of Water Reuse Europe only, within the members area of our website.