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The platform (in English “reuso de água” means “water reuse”) is a Content Management System (CMS) with the main objective of sharing and transferring information on water reuse in a straightly and technical-scientific format. It is focused on educational, scientific and data production actions. The idea is to promote the water reuse as a water resources management tool, to mitigate the effects of climate chantes, improve the life quality in water scarcity regions, minimize water use conflicts and boost socioeconomic development.

Despite the widely discussion in the world, there are still few real water reuse actions in regions of low and middle socioeconomic development. Many challenges still need to be overcome. believe that educational actions (for managers, system operators and civil society), combined with the dissemination of technical-scientific content and data production, are essential for transformation of society. Thus, addresses the following axes:


  • Educational actions: free classes, courses, and webinars, as well as suggestions for references in Portuguese and English, to encourage reading and build a personal library. Online events are available on regional water reuse potential, planning and strategies, legal aspects related to the water use and reuse, development of water reuse in Portugal, advanced technologies, history, trends, and challenges for the future.
  • Scientific actions: research projects that are being carrying out in the context of our research group: water reuse potential, advanced wastewater treatment technologies for water reuse purposes; microbiological risk assessment for the application of water reuse in agriculture.
  • Technical-scientific content: scientific subject presents a compilation of scientific papers published in different journals (in Portuguese and in English), carried out in different regions of the world. The technical subject covers national and international public documents, directed to the topic.
  • Data Production Actions: Compile diverse research findings into more accessible visualization and understanding data for technical users and civil society.


Illustrations of the main axes addressed by CMS and s participantion in European Researchers’ Night

To help de dissemination of the content and information, participated in events such as the “European Researchers’ Night” that took place in Braga/Portugal, in September 2021. In addition, to encouraging the empowerment of students and workers, has some actions as “Mentorship Program” and “From Woman to woman”. The first one is to help human resources in their personal process of developing skills and competences to fill technical-scientific gaps in relation to the systematization of water reuse. In this context, the objective is also to produce knowledge multipliers to respective peers. The second program was designed with the aim of strengthenig wemans’s empowerment on water issues.

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