SEAT water reduction scheme

SEAT water reduction scheme

25th March 2019 news 0
cars in a factory SEAT

The SEAT car factory in Martorell, just outside Barcelona, has taken steps to improve their water usage. They have not only successfully lowered their consumption per car by 31% since 2010 with a goal of 38% reduction by 2025, they are focusing on reusing as much water as possible.

In the paint workshop, all the water that does not make it onto the cars is collected, treated to separate the paint and water, and put back into the process in a closed circuit. They have done the same in the rain check, used to ensure the car is watertight. This process uses 150 litres in six minutes every time it is done. The water is collected, purified, and reused again for the same test later, avoiding wasting such a large quantity for every car.

SEAT is currently carrying out pilot tests for electroagulation,  ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis systems to allow even more water reuse in their factories around the world. By continuing to research ways to reuse their water, they are well on their way to their 38% reduction in water consumption by 2025.

Read more about it here.

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