Veolia Group Receives €165 million Contract from Montpellier, France

Veolia Group Receives €165 million Contract from Montpellier, France

18th November 2022 news 0


Veolia group announced recently that the Metropolis of Montpellier, France, has awarded it a €165 million, 9-year contract to extend, upgrade, and operate the Maera wastewater treatment plant. While the extension work will increase the plant’s treatment capacity from 470,000 to 695,000 Population Equivalent (PE), its compact design will also free up 2,500 m2 of space to implement large-scale wastewater reuse systems, rendering possible a recovery of 70,000 m3/day. This water will cover the station’s internal industrial uses, agricultural and other needs of 19 municipalities.

This initiative also aims to develop wastewater reuse at all compatible sewage treatment plants operated by Veolia through the installation of compact wastewater recycling units. This evolving circular economy approach will help to scale-up wastewater reuse technology in France.

Learn more about Veolia’s strategy to boost wastewater reuse in France here.

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