Water Reuse Europe Innovation Prize: finalists announcement!

Water Reuse Europe Innovation Prize: finalists announcement!

11th January 2022 news 0


We have the pleasure to announce that three finalist of the Water Reuse Europe Innovation Prize 2021:


The online platform Reusodeagua.org (i.e.“reuso de água” meaning “water reuse”) developed to manage and share content related to water reuse with a focus on educational, scientific and data production actions. The objective of the platform is to promote the systematisation of water reuse practices as a tool for managing water resources and sanitation, to improve the life quality in water scarcity regions, minimize water use conflicts and boost socioeconomic development, hence supporting actions to mitigate the effect climate change. >> Learn more about Reusodeagua.org at: reusodeagua.org



The EcoLoop Sustainable Showering technology developed by Flow Loop to recycle shower water, allowing to save up to 82L of water and 2.1kWh of energy per shower, hence cutting water and energy usage by 85% and 75% respectively. The EcoLoop can be retro-fitted in existing bathrooms with no rebuild and turn a normal shower into a sustainable shower in less than an hour at home and in commercial premises. Flow Loop collaborate with partners throughout the supply chain from Xylem supplying pumps to IKEA who are interested in distributing and selling the final product. >> Learn more about the EcoLoop at: flow-loop.com


VIRA- Turn Concepts and Minds by Águas do Tejo Atlântico, a project to raise awareness about water reuse through the production of Craft Beer. The VIRA (“TURN” in English) was dthe first Portuguese beer produced with recycled water, made from “Agua+” recycled water further polished through ozonation and reverse osmosis. Agua+ is a trademark registered by Águas do Tejo Atlântico for the production of recycled water in so-called Water Factories which has the quality required for various non-potable uses: industrial, agricultural, street washing, irrigation of green spaces, among others. The production of various qualities of “Agua+” recycled water suitable fit-for-purpose purpose, according to the requirements of safety and public health, contributes to the circular economy, the efficiency of the water sector and the sustainability of the planet.>> Learn more about VIRA at: www.aguasdotejoatlantico.adp.pt 

**Our 2021 Innovation Prize was awarded to Águas do Tejo Atlântico, VIRA- Turn Concepts and Minds during our Webinar on Industrial Reuse held on 28 January 2022**
Learn more about our 2021 winner here

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