Water Reuse Europe Webinar on Governance Models for Water Reuse in Europe | Speakers

Water Reuse Europe Webinar on Governance Models for Water Reuse in Europe | Speakers

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Find out more about the speakers at our webinar on on Governance Models for Water Reuse in Europe | 5 July 2022

Miquel Rovira Boixaderas
Sustainability Area Director and Member of the Steering Committee| Eurecat, Spain.

Water Reuse in Tarragona, Spain.

Miquel Rovira is Director of Sustainability at Eurecat (Technological Centre of Catalonia), Spain. He has focused his entire professional career on applied research and innovation oriented to Circular Economy in order to contribute to the competitiveness of different industrial sectors. Miquel has experience on the application of environmental technology and risk assessment to water reuse, secondary raw materials as well as soil and groundwater remediation.

Giacomo Giannoccaro
Associate professor, Dip. Scienze Agro-Ambientali e Teritoriali (DiSAAT), Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Italy.

Reclaimed urban wastewater for reuse in agriculture: Governance issues in the Puglia region.

Giacomo Giannoccaro (PhD) is Associate Professor in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Bari (Italy), Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science (DiSAAT). He has 16-year-old experiences in the economics of water resources. His research interests are also related to the circular economy in the agri-food systems, with a specific focus on farmer’s behavior towards innovation, sustainability and willingness to change on-farm activities. His research interests relate to environmental analysis, farmer’s attitudes and behaviors through qualitative and quantitative surveying methods (such as focus group, contingent evaluation and choice modeling) and analyzing the resulting data by econometric methods. He exhibits good knowledge of farm modelling trough linear programming models. He has been involved in several research projects as Co-I, such as FP7 EU projects and PRIN projects financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

Inge Genné

Programme Manager WATER | VITO WaterKlimaatHub, Belgium.

Making Flanders WaterProof” – a systemic approach.

Inge Genné is Programme Manager Water at VITO (The Flemish Institute for Technological Research). After a research career as a membrane technology expert, she kicked-off the industrial water management team focusing on the implementation of water efficiency and reuse strategies. In 2016, the team merged with the environmental modelling unit specialized in decision support tools and services. Now she is the driving force behind the expansion of VITO’s market driven research & innovation under the umbrella of the WaterClimateHub.

Heather Smith
Senior Lecturer in Water Governance | Cranfield University, UK.

Heather Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Water Governance at Cranfield University. Her research explores the governance, institutions and societal dimensions of the water and wastewater services sector. She is particularly interested in the relationship between governance and resilience. Her recent projects have examined the emergence of new technologies and approaches in the sector, such as water recycling and resource recovery, and how these fit with existing governance frameworks and the perceptions of end users. Her research adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, particularly at the boundary between social science and engineering.

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