Water Reuse Europe Webinar | What is the place of decentralised wastewater treatment for water reuse in Europe? | Speakers

Water Reuse Europe Webinar | What is the place of decentralised wastewater treatment for water reuse in Europe? | Speakers

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Find out more about the speakers at the Water Reuse Europe Webinar on ‘What is the place of decentralised wastewater treatment for water reuse in Europe?’ | 7 February 2024

Paula Kehoe
Director of Water Resources | San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), USA

Presentation: Implementing Onsite Water Recycling Systems in San Francisco and North America.

Abstract: San Francisco recognized the opportunity to build and manage its city to be more resilient and sustainable with localized (i.e., decentralized) water treatment systems.  These onsite water treatment systems capture and treat water for reuse, thereby reducing the use of potable water for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing and irrigation.  Critical to the success of treating water onsite was the development of oversight and management program to ensuring the protection of public health.  San Francisco also established the National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems to scale up onsite water treatment systems across North America.

Short Biography: Paula Kehoe is the Director of Water Resources with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and is responsible for diversifying San Francisco’s water supply portfolio though the implementation of water conservation, groundwater, recycled water, onsite water reuse, and innovation programs.  Paula spearheaded the landmark legislation allowing for the collection, treatment, and reuse of alternate water sources in buildings and districts within San Francisco which has received several state and national awards for innovation.  Paula leads the SFPUC’s OneWaterSF Program which has cultivated a shift to a more integrated approach to water, wastewater, and power management. Paula chairs the National Blue Ribbon Commission for Onsite Non-potable Water Systems and is a Board Member of the WateReuse Association.

Dries Seuntjens

Project Manager | DuCoop | Belgium

Presentation: Circular Economy in a new district in Ghent.

Abstract: DuCoop, a local cooperative which manages district services in The Nieuwe Dokken in Gent, is a paradigm for the real estate industry. It is the first Circular Economy Service Company, or CESCO for short, created for a district in Europe. In this talk we will elaborate more on the decentralized water treatment plant DuCoop is operating, and its integration in the cities water, energy and nutrient cycle.

Short Biography: Dries Seuntjens is a project manager at DuCoop, a local cooperative operating a decentralized water treatment plant in De Nieuwe Dokken neighborhood, in Ghent, Belgium. Holding a PhD in sustainable water treatment from Ghent University, he specializes in crafting climate-neutral, adaptive neighborhoods featuring local energy and water communities. Driven by the best practices of the DuCoop case, he extends these concepts to new projects through his startup company, Circular (www.circular-living.be). With a focus on creating water-wise neighborhoods, Dries pioneers innovative approaches to sustainable urban living, ensuring the integration of water management in the development of resilient and environmentally conscious communities.

Pierre Magnes

Managing Director | FIRMUS and FGWRS | France | Monaco

Presentation: Firmus France: On-site Treatment, Purification, Separation and Recycling of Water and Wastewater.

Short Biography: Pierre Magnes has been the Managing Director at FIRMUS since 2011. He has been the Managing Director at FGWRS (Firmus Grey Water Recycling System) in Monaco since 2017. From 1989 until the early 2000s, he held several positions such as Study Manager, Technical Manager, and Development Manager within industrial and agricultural companies in the South-West region, specialising in Project Management for cogeneration plants. He holds a Doctorate in Ecotoxicology from the Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III obtained in 1989, highlighting his commitment to a deep understanding of environmental impacts.

About FIRMUS: FIRMUS France deals with treating and recycling grey water and effluent using membrane techniques. FIRMUS France has recognised expertise in the treatment and recycling of grey water. The technology was developed for ESA and has been in operation at the Concordia Franco-Italian Antarctic Research Station since 2005. This process has been used by more than 1,400 people without any health incident or technical issue. (No technical shutdown since it was put into service). FIRMUS is developing this expertise in grey water recycling from FGWRS, a company based in Monaco, and we already have several processes in operation (buildings, swimming pools, laundries).

Isabelle Michel

Senior Process Engineer | Aquabio Ltd | UK

Presentation: Industrial Water Reuse in the UK – Challenges & Opportunities.

Abstract: Aquabio Ltd has over 20 years’ experience with industrial water reuse within the UK and a current total of 38 full scale operating MBR plants, with 20 water reuse schemes. The presentation covers the drivers for water reuse and the opportunities available but also the current challenges. Aquabio’s core technology will be covered, as well as some of the company’s latest R&D developments.

Short Biography: Isabelle Michel joined Aquabio in 2014 and is involved in all stages of water reuse projects, where her involvement spans from tendering to commissioning and operation support for effluent treatment and water reuse plants. Isabelle’s current role matches her belief in environmental protection as she can apply her practical knowledge to promoting and implementing water re-use schemes. Isabelle has previously worked for various contractors and consultants in the UK water industry after graduating from the Engineering School for Water and the Environment in Strasbourg (ENGEES), France, in 1998.

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