Webinars of the BMBF Funding Measure WavE

Webinars of the BMBF Funding Measure WavE

11th March 2021 news 0
WavE dechema

The funding measure “Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts to Increase Water Availability by Water Reuse and Desalination – WavE” is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF). Three topic areas are addressed: (I) water reuse of municipal wastewater, (II) reuse of water in industry, (III) use of saline ground- and surface water. The aim is to provide sustainable solutions for national and international applications.

Aim of the WavE Webinars is to provide additional support beyond Germany for the exploitation of new technologies, products, and solution approaches in a European and international context.

Specific results from WavE joint projects will be presented, e.g.

  • –  Innovations e.g. technologies, management concepts
  • –  Solution approaches for sectors and their application with reference to the publications in the WavE Special Issue IWA of the IWA Journal “Water Reuse and Desalination” (4/2020) and the products in the Innovation Atlas Water (launch: World Water day – 22.03.2021).

Three webinars are planned in March and April, each about 2 hours. Language is English. Auditorium: Interested professional public from politics, economy, science, associations, organizations, interest groups.

–  Assessment of Water Reuse Technologies and Concepts
–  Managements of concentrates (tbc)
–  Innovative Approaches to Grow Water Reuse Applications (tbc)

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