What Do the New Direct Potable Reuse Regulations Mean for California?

What Do the New Direct Potable Reuse Regulations Mean for California?

3rd April 2024 news 0


The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) has approved comprehensive direct potable reuse regulations (DPR). The new regulations allow treated wastewater to be completely treated, distributed, and recycled to be used as drinking water. The regulations were approved by an expert panel of 12 scientists and engineers after years of evaluating work by SWRCB’s Drinking Water division and approved the standards as public health safe.

The regulations also include opportunities to explore alternative treatment methods and elucidates collaboration between partners on reuse projects. These revisions include added flexibility for alternative treatment techniques and clarifications about the collaboration among partner agencies on reuse projects.

The state still must overcome two major hurdles for DPR to be fully utilised – opposition to ‘toilet-to-tap’ and funding. Los Angeles only gets two percent of its water supply from recycled water because of the political and media opposition to water recycling and the perception that has created in the public. The state also requires state and federal funding to invest in transforming water reuse projects.

Learn more about California’s plans for future water reuse projects at https://www.aquatechtrade.com/news/water-reuse/direct-potable-reuse-california

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