Conference 2017: Speaker Profiles

WRE Conference 2017: Speaker Profiles

Sian Hills headshot

Siân Hill

Water Reuse Consultant, UK.

Keynote: Current Status of Water Reuse in Europe (WRE).

Sian Hills has 35 years experience on major reuse projects in the UK and internationally, including the Olympic Park and IPR pilot plants in London.

Montserrat Termes headshot

Montserrat Termes Rife

Scientific Consultant, CETaqua, Spain.

Presentation: Why dare to involve people in water reuse projects?

Dr. Montserrat Termes received her MSc and PhD degrees from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) in 1982 and 1989 respectively. Since 1989, she is associated profressor in the Economics and Business Faculty in the UB. She is also a scientific consultant of CETaqua, leading the Water, Economics and Society Programme since 2007.

NCM copie headshot

Nicolas Condom

CEO, Ecofilae, France.

Presentation: Cost Benefits analysis: an effective approach to assess water reuse project's sustainability for territories

Nicolas Condom, PhD, has more than 20 years of experience on unconventional water reuse and sludge management. He is now an expert at the international level and assists both public and private stakeholders for water reuse and salinity projects. In 2009, he founded ECOFILAE, an independent and innovative consulting and training company specialized in circular economy and aiming at developing services and web solutions for water reuse.

David headshot profile

David Smith

Director, Water Environment and Business for Development (WE&B), Mexico.

Presentation: Adapting business models to achieve water reuse profitability - experiences from WaterCLima LAC

David Smith has a BSc in Botany and Zoology (2000), a BSc (Hons) in Limnology (2001) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and an MSc in Water and Environmental Management (2015) from Loughborough University, UK. His expertise in economic and social development is focused on environmental management, integrated water resource management, process innovations, business models, economic viability, ecosystem services, climate change adaptation and mitigation and capacity building.

Valentina Iazarova headshot

Valentina Lazarova

Senior Expert, Suez Environnement, France.

Keynote: Recent technologies developments in the water reuse sector and future technological trends for monitoring and controlling water reuse schemes.

Valentina is an international expert with over 35 years of research and practical experience in the field of wastewater treatment and reuse and former Chair of the IWA Water Reuse Specialist Group.

J Henkel headshot

Jochen Henkel

Dow Water & Process Solutions, Spain.

Presentation: Innovative multi-technology approaches for industrial water treatment (combinations of Ion Exchange, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis).

Jochen Henkel joined Dow as technical service specialist for membrane applications in 2012. He has more than 10 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment. He started as an environmental engineer for soil remediation, extensively studied oxygen transfer phenomena in activated sludge systems, operated the Colorado School of Mines membrane bioreactor and finally became Technical Service & Development Specialist for membrane applications at Dow in the DACH, Nordic and Benelux area.

Joep Appels headshot

Joep Appels

Managing director, MicroLAN BV, The Netherlands.

Presentation: Online monitoring of microbial water quality for water reuse schemes.

With a degree in analytical chemistry and a NIMA-B in Marketing, Joep Appels has 30+ years experience in the field of online water and environmental analysis. He has worked for several major US companies before founding MicroLAN in 2003.

Per Muller headshot

Per Møller

Head, Symbiosis Center, Denmark.

Presentation: Water reuse at Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis (Denmark): Technologies used and recent innovations.

As Head of Symbiosis Center, Denmark, Per Møller works with concepts and solutions within resource efficiency based on an industrial symbiosis approach. As a biologist (M.Sc) and chemical engineer (Ph.D) he is also involved in RTD activities within water and blue biomass production.

Picture one silhouette

Dagmar Berhendt Kaljarikova

Policy Officer, EC Directorate General for Environment, Belgium.

Keynote: Current state of play and future ambition of the European Union on water reuse.

Dagmar Behrendt Kaljarikova works as an official in the 'Clean Water Unit' of the Directorate General for the Environment of the European Commission since September 2012. She is responsible in particular for the development of a potential EU-level instrument on water reuse, climate change adaptation, as well as supporting the implementation of the Floods Directive. She was also in charge of the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) and the Urban Water Agenda 2030, as well as the coordination of opportunities offered under various EU funds for the implementation of EU water policies in the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020.

Portret MweV2 headshot

Marjolein Weemaes

R&D Manager, Aquafin, Belgium.

Presentation: Transitioning from research to practical solutions on water reuse.

Marjolein Weemaes started her career at Aquafin in 2000, as as a researcher with a focus on sludge treatment and micropollutant removal. Since 2010, she is head of the research department. Resourse recovery is one of the main research topics within Aquafin

Kris picture headshot

Kris Lambert

Managing Director, Veolia Water Technologies, Belgium.

Presentation: 15 years of water reuse in the food and beverage industry in Belgium, lessons learned and future ambitions.

Kris Lambert is a process engineer with 18 years of experience in wastewater and process water applications, and focusing on closing the water cycle in the Industry since more than 10 years.

R Mujeriego headshot

Rafael Mujeriego

President, Spanish Association for Sustainable Water Reuse (ASERSA), Spain.

Keynote: Agricultural Irrigation with reclaimed water: present and future.

President of the Spanish Association for Sustainable Water Reuse (ASERSA) since 2008 and Chair of the Council for Sustainable Use of Water of the Catalan Water Agency, Barcelona. He has been technical adviser to the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization from 1976 to 2009. He served as President of the first IWA International Symposium on Water Reuse, held in Castell Platja d’Aro, Girona, Spain in 1991 and the 8th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse, held in Barcelona, September 2011.

Pedro Simon

Technical director, Esamur, Spain.

Presentation: Wastewater recycling for agricultural purposes in the Murcia region – Experience, challenges and recent innovations.

Pedro Simon is an industrial engineer, who has been working for over 25 years in the water and wastewater industry for both public and private companies. 

Charlotte Boeckaert headshot

Charlotte Boeckaert

Project Coordinator, Vlakwa - Flanders Kowledge Center Water, Belgium.

Presentation: Reuse of industrial effluents for agricultural purposes: technological, agricultural and governmental challenges

Project Coordinator at the Flanders Knowledge Center Water (VLAKWA/VITO). Charlotte has a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, initiates and coordinates projects in the water sector and does partner matching between researchers, companies and government.

Els profile headshot

Els Berckmoes

Applied researcher on water in horticulture, Research Station for Vegetable Production (PSKW), Belgium.

Presentation: How close are European growers to 100% water recirculation?

Els Berckmoes is an applied researcher in water and horticulture at the Research Station for Vegetable Production (PSKW). She has over 10 years experience in the field of water and fertigation technologies in horticulture. Since 2016, she has been coordinating the FERTINNOWA project.

Stephani McGregor headshot

Stefani McGregor

Senior Research Manager, Water Environment and Reuse Foundation (WERF), USA.

Keynote: Recent advances in direct and indirect potable reuse.

Stefani McGregor is a Senior Research Manager for WE&RF with a background in neuroscience and genetics. Her current research priorities cover pathogens and their detection and removal from water and wastewater. She also has expertise in public outreach and development of community education tools, particularly related to recycled water and the availability of water. 

Xavier Martinez Llado headshot

Xavier Martinez

Head of the Water Division, Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic, Spain.

Presentation: Soil aquifer treatment for indirect potable reuse in El Port de la Selva.

Dr. Xavier Martinez is a Chemical Engineer from the Polytechnical University of Catalunya (2003). He graduated with a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry from the Polytechnical University of Catalunya in 2008. Head of the Water Division at the Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic, his research interests and expertise are in environmental management, water treatment technologies and more specifically membrane technologies.

Jerome Bortoli headshot

Jérôme Bortoli

Director, Vendée Eau, France.

Presentation: Development of an innovative scheme for indirect potable reuse in Les Olonnes, Vendée (France).

Jérôme Bortoli is a Mines Engineer, a graduate of Stanford University. For 25 years, he has worked in the fields of water and the environment. Consultant to the World Bank, then head of an agri-food company, he is now director of Vendee Eau, a community of 400,000 subscribers.

Christophe Mechouk headshot

Christophe Mechouk

Director, Ville de Lausanne, Service de l'eau, Switzerland.

Presentation: Micropollutants control and disinfection in a fully integrated indirect reuse management scheme: Lausanne WWTP and Saint-Sulpice DWTP.

Christophe Mechouk is a water treatment Engineer from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de Poitiers (FR). After 15 years as a project manager and project director for the design and construction of more than 40 drinking or wastewater plants, he is now the head of engineering of Lausanne water service. In this role, he splits his time as project director for the optimisation of the major drinking water treatment plant of Lausanne (1,4 m3/s) (including micropollutants removal), and as an expert on the project of rebuilding the WWTP including micropolluants removal and high level of disinfection.

Yvan Poussade headshot

Yvan Poussade

MF/UF Expert Engineer, Technical & Performance Department, Veolia Environnement, France.

Keynote: Industrial Water Reuse in Europe: from challenge to opportunities. 

Yvan Poussade is a senior process engineer with over 15 years experience in low-pressure membranes for water filtration. He is currently working at Veolia corporate Technical and Performance Department.

Phil Lynch Aquabio headshot

Phil Lynch

Manager International Business Development, Aquabio, UK.

Presentation: Wastewater to potable water reuse in the UK food industry.

Phil Lynch has 30 years’ experience in the European environmental service industry, predominately focussing on new business development in both the Waste management and water stewardship sectors.

Kristof Luckermans headshot

Kristof Luckermans

Researcher, Aquatreat, Belgium.

Presentation: A Critical approach to RO chemicals: research at lab and full scale. 

Kristof Luckermans studied a Masters in industrial sciences chemistry at Groep T Leuven and has more than six years experience in water treatment chemicals with specialisation in treatment of reverse osmosis applications.

Kirsten Moore headshot

Kyrsten Moore

Production and Technical Director, Bairds Malt, UK.

Presentation: Experience with wastewater treatment and reuse back into the malting (steep) process.

Kyrsten Moore has been working in the Malting industry for 13 years, originally starting as a harvest student whilst studying Biochemistry at the University of Reading. After graduating, she returned to Bairds Malt as a Graduate Trainee and progressed to the position of General Manager at the Witham Maltings in Essex, UK. She has been managing the Witham site for the last three years, during which time she has achieved her Diploma in Malting.